Why and how?

Condoms protect against STD and undesirable pregnancies but not everyone enjoys using a condom.

The width, not the length

Is it difficult to put the condom on? Is the condom too tight? Or is the condom too loose and does it come off once in a while? Very annoying but that can be improved! Choose a condom that fits the circumference of your penis. The length is less important.

The right size for you too!

Not every penis is simular. And condoms are not “one size fits all”. For a good fit and comfortable feeling the width matters. A condom should fit nicely, not too wide or too loose and not too tight neither.

How? helps you to indicate the size condom that suits you best. Easily use your smartphone to measure the width of your penis erect. On the page Measure Your Penis you place the left side of your penis against the zero line. Look at the right side in which the color area of your penis gets to and then go to your condom advice by selecting the right color button.

Other ways to measure?

Do you want to measure in another way? No problem:

Download and print the measuring tape
Download the special measuring tape, print it out, cut it out and wrap it around your penis and read the size of your condom size.

Measure the circumference
Measure the circumference of the penis erect with a string or measuring tape and check the chart underneath for your condom size.

condom size
(nominal width) 
<= 10 cm 3,9 inch 47
10-11 cm 3,9-4,3 inch 49
11-11,5 cm 4,3-4,5 inch 53
11,5-12 cm 4,5-4,7 inch 57
12-13cm 4,7-5,1 inch 60
13-14 cm 5,1-5,5 inch 64
> 14 cm > 5,5 inch 69

With a ruler
You can also measure the width of your penis erect with a ruler. Check the chart underneath for your condom size.

width (cm) +/-  width (inch) +/-  condom size
(nominal width) 
<= 3,2 cm <= 1,26 inch 47
3,2-3,5 cm 1,26-1,38 inch 49
3,5-3,7 cm 1,38-1,46 inch 53
3,7-3,9 cm 1,46-1,54 inch 57
3,9-4,1cm 1,54-1,61 inch 60
4,1-4,5 cm 1,61-1,77 inch 64
> 4,5 cm > 1,77 inch 69

On the page Measure Your Penis you can choose the condom size of your condom advice. If you like to try these condoms, select the country where you would like to order them.

Watch this video in regards to measuring the right size.